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Hi, the images you see are of my game 'Space Birdz' It's a modern reworking of several early 80's shoot'em'ups.

I've been working on it for quite a few months now, and keeping up my motivation has been difficult.

The ship and enemies are all modelled in 3D. (if it's not clear) I won't pretend i'm doing anything special, but it's no small project, and there is still so much left to do.

Currently there are only 9 levels and a few power-ups, but hopefully it is still worthy of your attention.

Highlights include a colourful particle system and flare effects, 100% programmer art, sound, and music! (the music sucks, trust me)

Also worth mentioning is that the levels are not hard coded, as you can see from the bottom image, I have a beast of a game editor. The editor has many, many, screens and controls, the shot I have included is of the path editor, currently editing a bezier curve. (the mad camera angle is purely to show it off :)

The editor is also used to create the in-game eye candy, which can be chained together and assigned sound effects.

Most of my time has infact been spent coding the editor rather then the game, and I haven't yet began to use it to it's full potential, especially with regard to attack patterns and enemy behaviours.

Eventually I plan on at least 50 levels, a similar number of power-ups, and a few large bosses to defeat. Hopefully there's still enough people out there like me that appreciate this kind of game.

You can download an alpha version at:

I could be off endlessly perfecting my 3d engine, but instead I am cursed with the task of actually finishing something, it sucks.

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