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This is a shot of my second game written with C++ , a Dr. Mario clone. (Apppropriately but stupidly named 'DoctorC++'). I submit it as evidence to those who might be struggling to break into the development field that it can be done -- if you have the patience, persistance, and a good library to handle the gritty details until you are ready to tackle them yourself.

It was written with the help of the 'ClanLib' cross-platform gaming library which I discovered thanks to a news item here on FlipCode. It does all those things like interfacing with your OS, loading images, and registering keystrokes that I was struggling with before. It also has the added benefit of making your game accessible to many different environments; I would definitely get a kick out of seeing it run on something like BeOS.

The game itself took about two weeks to build and has good stuff such as animations, configurable controls and play options as well as a high-score section that demonstrates a way to serialize structs into a file. The code is available along with a win32 version of the game here:

Eric B.

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