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This screenshot shows a test of my new sky code for my engine, currently called "Sock". It uses SDL and OpenGL for window managment

The sky-engine simply generates a sky based on a few paramaters. Each cloud plane moves independently, the sun can be positioned wherever you like, stars and planets can be added.

Unfortunately, it's not designed to be viewed from non-orthographic angles, and therefore isn't that useful for a terrain engine, or such; but it should make a nice backdrop for my 2D projects.

When the system is initialized, you pass it a directory and it loads all of the art from that directory. This makes it very simple to create alot of spectacular skys with relatively little work.

Nothing to technically advanced (no perpixel lighting or anything), but it's pretty to look at.

If you want to watch it move, you can download an early demo at

I'm developing my engine using Dev-CPP. My video card is an ATI Radeon 9000 Pro, and it runs at around 230 frames per second on my system.

-Devon Zachary

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