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This is a screen shot of the first commercial version of Virtual Cycles 3d Chop Shop. It is a bike customization product meant for Harley Davidson enthusiasts everywhere. I am the only developer at the moment which is part of the reason it was done in Macromedia Director. I am also working on a proprietary 3d engine that will be used for versions 3+. For now Director seems to fit our needs and short development cycle very well but I can't wait to get our own engine going so we can really tweak that chrome.

I hope everybody enjoys the screen shot. There is also a demo available at Any feedback you could give would be great. I was really excited to have something to submit finally. I have been lurking on flipCode for about a year and a half and it is fun to be able to contribute in a small way. I'm hoping to contribute more as I have time. Keep up the good work everyone!

-Areth Foster-Webster

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