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This image shows what I've been working on for the past several months. It's an independent project called Steer Madness, an action/adventure game with a vegetarian and environmental theme. You play as a steer, and can explore a large city environment and go on missions to save the environment and your fellow animals.

The focus of this game is on the content, not on the technical side. Since it's got an alternative theme (ie. you don't go around shooting stuff), I expect it will appeal to a lot of people who don't normally play games, and those people won't have up-to-date hardware. So the game is designed to run on as low as a Pentium 166 MMX (so there aren't any fancy shaders or anything... just plain ol' texture + lighting). However it does have a lot of LOD options for those with high-end hardware.

The engine and associated tools I've written all from scratch. Supports DirectX 7 (but is compatible down to version 3), OpenGL, and a software renderer. There's actually a ray-tracer in there too, but that was just an experiment. =) The majority of the art so far was done by me, except for the character animation, the steer model (I did the texturing) and the swing set and slide. Most of the models and animation were done in Lightwave, but there is also support for Maya and 3D Studio (so the artists can work in the package of their choice... this was especially beneficial because some of the work was done remotely, thus they could only work with the software they had at home).

More info and larger versions of the screen shots can be found on the web site:

I am looking for some artists to help out on this project, so if you're interested, please e-mail me at

- Johnathan

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