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My IOTD is not an actual fighting game. The four shots are taken from a demo that uses my 2D sprite library that I've been working on.

The sprites and background were ripped from the Capcom game: Street Fighter Alpha 2 (using Mame). In the demo you can move Sakura around with the arrow keys. Pressing 'A' or 'S' will make her punch or kick. You can also press ALT-ENTER to toggle fullscreen mode. In the background there are about a hundred bikers moving across the screen. Pressing the number keys will change the shading effects of the bikers

Since the library uses Direct3D to display the sprites, it gains all the nice features of 3D games such as hardware acceleration and alpha blending.

Highlighted Features:
  • Hardware sprites
  • Sprite mirroring and rotation
  • Alpha and additive blending
  • Colorkey and per-pixel alpha transparencies
  • Sprite color tinting with global sprite alpha
  • Supports BMP, PNG, and TGA files
  • Comes with a drag and drop Win32 GUI tool to generate multi-frame sprite files.
  • Windowed or fullscreen switchable modes available during runtime
  • Primitive drawing functions. lines and rect fills
  • A nice base support of core functions
  • IMHO, one of the neat things about the library is that it uses a quadtree to manage images and sprites on large precreated textures. This allows sprites to be of any dimension instead of the power of two size requirement that is typical 3D card textures.

    The snapshots were taken from my Dell Inspiron 8100 laptop (WinXP Pro, P3-M 1.3Mhz, Nvidia Geforce2Go 32meg). The frame rate will probably vary on other video cards. I've only been able to test the library on Nvidia cards since they are the only cards that I own. You'll need the latest version of DirectX to run the demo (Ver 8.1)

    The Sakura demo executable and libary source are available on my web page The library is in a very alpha state. In its current condition, I don't think its ready for an actual project. I'm releasing the source now for people who want to take a peek in the current development of the library.

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