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These screenshots are taken from the game "De profundis" I just started 6 months ago. It is supposed to end as an action adventure simulator where the player takes the role of a submarine pilot in an underwater universe. It's a kind of "Elite" under the sea : do commerce and make profit, or be a pirate and steal (but in this case, watch the patrols). Upgrade your hull, equipment, weapons, and engage in non-linear random adventure.

A demo is available at

Some technical highlight:
  • OpenGL for the graphics, DirectSound (did you hear a whale ?) and DirectInput (with universal device mapping configurator available)
  • Brute force terrain algorithm with frustum culling (quicker and nicer than ROAM or CLOD on my GeForce3 so I stopped trying) "Infinite" terrain : the relief is repeating every 4096x4096 tiles, but not the object contents.
  • true 6 DOF flight model (I use quaternions to avoid the "Gimbal Lock" problem relative to Euler angles) : looping available ! (you better have a Joystick here) and nice HUD
  • Fast sphere-tri collision detection with tri-tri detection when necessary
  • Particule system (explosion, torpedoes trail)
  • This should be considered as a pre-alpha version since there is nothing exciting to do yet except feeling the ambiance, shooting some torpedoes, and going back to the base for reloading...


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