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This is a screenshot from my first game, and yes it's another asteroid clone. I am posting this at flipcode because I am hoping someone may be kind enough to give me some critiques on the code, which can be downloaded at:

I am hoping for critiques both in terms of optimizations to be made and the overall use/misuse of classes. Any and all suggestions are welcomed/desired, including gameplay issues.

This project has been my first foray into DirectX. The goal was to design a complete game utilizing some basic features of DirectX. I think I've done that. Because the overall design itself wasn't created from the beginning, I started just messing around with directX and moving the ship around, the organization of the C++ design suffers.

My hope is to get some usefull information that will enable me to better design this type of game. I will likely start over from scratch and try to do it as best I can and utilize OOD principles to the best of my abilities.

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