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Hi, I'm a professional game artist (11 years as a lead artist on such games as Sacrifice, XCOM etc). Over the last year I've been taking a busman's holiday and working on my own solo project - while learning to program (an artist learning to program - scary).

Here is a screenshot from my completed game Virtual Insanity. I released the game today and I've put up a full demo for everyone to download at my site By all means, please download it and give it a go - dozens of screenshots over on that site also for you to look at.

Virtual Insanity was written in a powerful but relatively unknown language known as Dark Basic. Dark Basic is written on top of Direct X and it makes it easier to get your concepts into a prototype stage faster than anything else out there. I hear all the time "but you can't program a game in basic, it's basic after all" - well, the language shouldn't really be called basic - it's a long way from what we know as basic, it really does allow you to get into it at a fairly low level - so I wanted to prove that I could make a cool looking game that would show off the language. So far, all of my colleagues have been literally blown away with the speed and quality of this game and none of them would have guessed that anything 'basic' was involved and was created by just 1 person.

The game features 80 levels, stunning (IMHO) animated background effects and it is silky smooth even on lower spec machines. The levels are generated dynamically (I build the maps into poly's based on 2D data), 3 Dynamic lights keep the action glowing and over 20 multilayered background FX designed to make your head spin - Everything from Radars, nebulae, firestorms to Tornadoes.

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