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After I posted Textmedia as an IOTD (see the old IOTD here) I received a bunch of suggestions and recommendations, most of which had to do with actual usability of TextMedia. Textmedia was never meant as a real player! =)

Anyhow, as I was preparing for Alternative Party and the TMDC5 prizegiving ceremony there, I updated the good ol' textmedia a bit.

New features:
  • Ability to seek within a file (cursors for per second seeking or control-cursors for per minute seeking)
  • Ability to pause and resume (space)
  • Toggle for looping
  • Tons of commandline parameters
  • New experimental colorful ascii art mode (most stuff still looks better if you enable the desaturate filter).
  • Screen captures from:
    Top left - Shakira, "Whenever, wherever"
    Top right - Enya, "Caribbean blue"
    Bottom left - Bj√¬∂rk, "Army of me"
    Bottom right - Garbage, "Stupid girl" (in color)
    (all are mpegs or avis). It naturally looks better in motion =)

    You can get textmedia2 from here on my site. Comments still appreciated.

    In other textmode news, by the time you read this the TMDC5 (fifth pseudoannual text mode demo competition, mentioned by this IOTD) has also ended, so be sure to check out the winners from that site.

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