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This image was taken from the latest version of the "Shockbrowser". I posted some pictures of an early version of the shockbrowser some time ago. The "Shockbrowser" is written in C++/MFC and uses OpenGL 1.4 and CG Beta 2.1 to render shader enhanced scenes. You can load X (ascii / binary) and ASC Files, choose some of the built-in shaders or even write your own (just vertex shaders up to now) and load them during runtime. Compared to the last version I fixed a whole bunch of bugs that lead to some crashes or some strange behavior (because of the fact that I have to do all testing by myself...takes some time to find the bugs).

Anyway, the latest version of the "Shockbrowser" can be downloaded at

It uses still the beta 2.1 of CG but will be ported to the new CG 1.0 official release a soon as I managed to get into the whistle and bells of the new version!


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