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This is a shot of a demo I am currently working on which demonstrates the capabilities of the water effect seen out there in the democoding scene quite frequently.

I myself am really astonished what this little 2D effect can do once you put it in 3D and add some little collision code to interact with a particle system.

The part I am working on right now is the physics for the grass since I'd like to see it waving in the wind. Would be very neat. But up to now it's still very unstable and I am happy if it's not freaking out just by gravity...

Some more features:
  • Fully featured particle system
  • Collision detection with effect on texture
  • skeletal animation system to for the grass
  • There's also a demo available for download at but there are still loads of compatibility issues and the demo is by no means finished. Actually it's just starting to work...

    Have fun and happy coding,

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