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Here's my little contribution to the IOTD gallery. I just saw another teapot IOTD and thought I would add mine to the list. The screenshot is from a program I wrote for a university project. The project was about interactively rendering bezier surfaces with OpenGL. You can load up models, select patches, play with the control points of the patch (the blue boxes) and see how the objects shape changes. The goal of the program was to visualize some basic properties of (cubic) Bezier surfaces. This was my very first attempt at using the MFC and I was quite pleased with the results, although using MFC is a pain in the ass.

Anyways, from a technical side the program still has a bunch of shortfalls. For example, it doesn't care about preserving continuity at the seams of patches and it only uses a recursive subdivision algorithm for rendering (far from optimal regarding speed). One of the better ideas I implemented was scaling the level of subdivision down when the user wants to interact with the selected surface. The proggy tries to maintain at least 15 FPS. In essence, a very crude form of LOD.

Oh maybe a short description of what you see ... the red patch of the teapot is the selected patch, the yellow transparent thing is its control point net. The rest should be pretty self-explanatory.

- Marco Kögler (MK42)

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