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Here you see a few screenhots of my new terrain engine. The upper left picture shows the detail texturing and the sun. You can see the glitch where the sun's flare shines trough the mountain. Thanks to the Octree and my triangle class, this problem is gone now. On the right side you can see the Octree, red nodes contain more triangles. The pics in the middle show various heightmaps. I think you can see how nicely the procdedural generated texture looks. In the lower-left corner are some screenhots of early version of the engine. The last pic is a water-only view. The cubic environment mapped water looks so cool that I think it deserves its own picture ;-) I hope you enjoyed the view. If you want further informations and want to download source & exe (when it's released ;-( ), visit my homepage . Some of the source that was used to create the engine is already in my code archive. I also would like to hear a few ideas on what to include into the engine. I'm currently thinking of some kind of algorithm that removes occluded montains. I also want to do lensflares and a moving cloud layer. Bird, butterflies, fishes and trees would also be cool. Oh, and underwater fog and rain and... Way to much...

Tim C. Schröder

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