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I saw the WinCE Lemmings shot, its cool, but we mustn't leave Palm behind :)

Attached is a screen made of 6 shots from different apps we've written for the palm platform
  • 2D Sierpinski
  • 3D Sierpinski
  • CFXWeb Palm-Intro
  • Color Mandelbrot generator
  • Life
  • Checkers (the only commercial one)
  • Palm uses a fixed 160x160 resolution with LCDs' varying from 1bpp b/w, 4bpp greyscale, 8bpp paletted mode and recently 16bpp hi-color (Visor-Prism). It uses a Motorola 68k processor at speed ranging from 16mhz to 33mhz which is nice except for the byte-ordering.

    Ohad Eder Pressman

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