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This is a very early beta screenshot from our upcoming game. The game is sort of a Double Dragon clone with pre-rendered 3D scenes. The game engine currently supports the following:
  • uses SDL, thus is cross-platform
  • can load actor files which define all animation frames and animations
  • actor files can contain scripts; these scripts actually define the entire game: how does a player move, with which key, and what happens when a player is hit?
  • the entire game (and engine) is written in C++, resulting in very clean, understandable code, and since we plan on releasing the game source code as part of the engine SDK, this is quite positive, don't you think? :)
  • This is what is currently on our todo-list:
  • give the scenes an even more 3d "feeling" using a moving camera while pre-rendering all scenes
  • background of scene will move seperate from the scene itself, giving more depth
  • Anyways, this was our humble submission for the IOTD.

    Best Regards,

    Epidemi & Divide

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