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The screenshots in this image are from Strayfire, the first game by Gradient Studios, my infant game company. The main artwork was done by Max Shelekhov (link), the music was done by Pete Burke & Jeff Jordan (link), and I designed / coded the game.

Strayfire is an arcade-style shoot'em up with 3D accelerated graphics, hordes of enemies, gigantic bosses, and gobs of special effects. It will eventually be released as inexpensive shareware, but I decided to release a beta version here first. I'm still working on finishing/cleaning it up, and I was hoping you could help me test it :D. The game requires a 3D accelerator (TNT2 or better) and DirectX 7.0.

The test demo features the complete first level. Its quite similar to what the shareware demo will look like, but the goal of this release is mainly compatibility testing. It has been succesfully tested on a TNT2 32Mb, Radeon DDR 64Mb, and a Voodoo3 16Mb. If you decide to give the demo a go, please send info about any compatibility issues, crashes, bugs, funky behavior, etc, here, with as many details as you can provide (including system specs) so I can fix them! Thanks a lot.

The only known issue at this time: if you have multi-monitor support enabled, you'll likely need to disable it before running the video hardware configuration utility.

Its available for download here: strayfire-beta-12-14-2001-p1-setup.exe (8.2MB, updated 12/15/2001 - 3:55AM, EXE-only here)
Please don't distribute the test demo. Have fun! Don't forget to use the shield!


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