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The shot shows a work-in-progress version of Paradroid (a CBM64 classic) in 3D. I'm currently calling it Paradroid3D, but that won't be its final name. Maybe Parathreed or something like this. I'm open to suggestions. In the current version, you can do almost everything that you could do in the classic game, i.e. move around, shot and bump into enemy robots, control enemy robots and switch levels at any time using elevators between them. What's still missing is the transfer sub-game (played to control an enemy robot) itself and some other stuff like the data consoles the classic game had. Anyway, the game is written in Java using the jPCT engine ( and should run on almost everything that has Java installed (1.3 or higher). It supports OpenGL and OpenAL where available (currently under Windows and Linux) and falls back to software rendering and Javasound where it isn't. If you have webstart installed, you can play the current version here:

Some words about the controls:

Move with the mouse and CRSR-keys, shot with the left mousebutton, enable transfer-mode by holding the right mousebutton (bump into an enemy in this mode to gain control), press and hold both buttons (or space) on top of elevators to access them (and use CRSR and "enter" to select a level once you've entered an elevator)

Additional keys:

'C' changes from 3D view to pseudo-2D and back (the controls are slightly different in that'll notice that)
'L' switches levels without using the elevators (a debugging shortcut)
'N' revives the player (for debugging too)
'W' shows a wireframe of the scene
'ESC' exit!

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Especially from those who played the classic game 20 years ago...i'm trying to mimic the feel of this game, but i'm not sure if i'm succeeding.


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