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The images displayed here were created by 3viseon new medical imaging software produced by 3mensio based in Holland ( This little company aims to use GPU technology for realtime volume visualization of medical scans.

All of these images are from a variety of CT scans.
  • The background image slices show a collection of 2D CT images as aquired by a scanner.
  • The central figure is from the company logo using a rather large pixel shader to achieve blending between a variety of rendering techniques.
  • The figures on the right show some different rendering techniques applied to the same dataset.
  • The top left image shows a cut away of a chest scan revealing arteries inside the lung.
  • The software is implemented in C# using managed DirectX. We currently use Ati X800s with 256mb but are really waiting for 512mb cards.

    Typical data sets contain 512x512x200 voxels. Our central volume rendering algorithm is fairly optimized taking advantage of empty space skipping, early-ray termination and at the same time maximizing polygon size. The rendering performance largely depends on the data set size, visible voxel coherency and of course transparency settings. Most of the images above render at 5-30fps with a screen res of 1024x1024.

    You can read more at our website and note we're hiring!

    Laurence Bourn

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