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This image shows screenshots from example applications using GLGooey, a collection of GUI components that we're going to be using in a forthcoming game. As the name suggests, GLGooey uses OpenGL and although the examples shown use GLUT, this is not a prerequisite - infact our game does not use GLUT. The fonts are rendered with the help of FreeType which is available from

The colors and fonts can be easily customized on both a global or per control level. The look and feel of the interface can also be customized by overloading window and event classes. As shown in the screen shots, it is possible to give the whole GUI any degree of transparency allowing a 3d scene in the background to show through. I've tried to keep the project platform independent which means that a bit of work has to be done to integrate GLGooey into an existing project (see the documentation for more info).

There's still some work to be done: Basic things like exposing the ability to customize colors and fonts to the application (at the moment it has to be done within an overloaded Window class), aswell as more complex issues such as implementing further controls and a good dose of optimization. But, basically the project is up and running so I thought I'd make it available. The source code for the entire project along with project files for MSVC++, a couple of examples and documentation can be downloaded from Executables for the examples can be found in the samples folder.

Coming soon: The game itself is making good progress, so watch this space for screenshots :-)

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