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Here is a picture showing my latest 3d landscape engine, supporting realtime LOD, realtime radiosity and ultra neat hyper antialising. It runs at... ohh... sorry, must have typed wrong there ;)

This is some pictures from a game I am making. It is called Blastup 2 (some of you people might remember a game called Blastup in the lame game contest about two years ago here at flipcode). I have been working on it about half a year in my spare time, or in parts of my spare time you might say.

It is a simple shoot-the-other-guy-with-a-grenade-in-the-head-like-game (like gorillas, except that you don't type angle and power, you just touch the arrowkeys a bit). The whole game is working on the pixel level, and is about 98,3% software rendered (with a 0,02 margin of error). It works on most svga cards (i.e. it doesn't require a FeGorce 58xmg with 2567 MB of memory etc).

Sooo, how about the performance? It is not anything blazing fast, with brand new technology written in any % machine code. It is written in C/C++, and runs at about 55 fps on my p3 500. Don't know how it runs on newer computers, but I tried it on a old p2 300, and it ran at about 30-50 fps (depending on the weather fx and water).

It is written using tinyptc for graphic output and fmod for sound output. Things like timer and keyboard are wrapped up in classes. This will probably make the game quite easy to port, but I am not planning to do that, so I don't really know... (it have been developed on windows 98, but it probably works on 2000 and the like as well)

Maybee some of you are pondering why I have written such a game. It has been done many times before, and there isn't anything in particular new with this one. Well, all I can say is that it have been very fun writing it, and that's enough for me. (It is also a very addictive game, believe me ;)

Warning! Some of those popular feature lists coming up...

Currently features:
  • 640x480x32 fullscreen/windowed mode
  • 2d landscape generator, supporting custom themes
  • Really nice per pixel alpha blended sprites
  • Somewhat not realistic realtime animated water
  • Weather fx
  • Wind affecting shots/waves/snow/rain etc
  • Computer opponents
  • Sfx
  • Menus
  • Particles that are updated 500 times per second (don't ask me why...)
  • Satisfactory improvised physics
  • Simple timer slowdown for slowmotion
  • + more small things not worth mention
  • Suggested todo features:
  • Network play
  • Action replay
  • Screensaver mode (cpu players battleing each other)
  • Theme/level editor
  • Recording games
  • Music
  • The game and the sourcecode for the current version (beta 1.1) can be downloaded here.

    Thank you for reading (and please excuse possible bad english ;)

    / Jolle (Ola Frid)

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