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Well, this really is nothing compared to most of the awesome work I have seen on this site, but this is a remake of asteroids I made using DirectX 8 called "Spacerocks_UC".

Being a newbie, probably the hardest part of this for me was getting the circular collision response with kinetic preservation working, whilst factoring in the different masses of the individual objects.

Also, when it comes to the rendering part, it was a real challenge to get the wrap around environment working.

I made all of the graphics myself using Rhino 3D for the modeling and Bryce for the rendering. Bryce didn't seem to rotate the textures with the mesh and this is why the rocks kind of roll without the textures...

The game is available free for download at and features 5 different types of weapons, 2 different enemies with basic but sometimes challenging AI, and 54 levels (good luck getting through them all, the final ones are actually quite hard!)

As this is the first game I have made, I was surprised at how much of my high school maths I used to actually get it working! My advice to all of the other newbies out there is to stick to it - some of the routines in this simple game took me hours to get working, but when you see it work for the first time it is just so rewarding!

Anyway, that's it for now, thanks for checking it out!

-Simon Eschbach

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