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heres some of the stuff ive been working on the last 2 weeks, not shown is my collision detection/physics research ( though i might dump that and use Russell L. Smith's dynamics library ODE which looks very promising ) anyways the above shots have come about because ive decided to up the minimum requirements for götterdämmerung to at least a hardware t+l card. Im figuring when I finally release götterdämmerung, geforce256's will be the voodoo1's of today :(. As we all know hardware t+l == polygon pusher, but a lot of polygons == lot of storage. so what ive been doing is procedurally generating the models/textures (and sussing out how to do this very fast during runtime) the trees at the top were 'grown' using a variation of 'grammer models' (see cgp+p for a description) the rocks/wood etc at the bottom are noise generated. the top shot has about 200,000 polys so even my vanta is able to handle it (single digit fps though :( ) which aids testing but I will prolly up the count when I get my hands on a hardware t+l card.

zed zeek
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