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These are some screenshots of my "Real-time Per-pixel Subsurface Scattering Renderer". (too long, huh?:<)

Subsurface scattering is very important effect for translucent material, such as skin, marble and etc. Note that upper right image shows scattering effect of back lighting. (The model is same as upper left image.) I read a paper of BSSRDF, and I started to think how to implement BSSRDF in interactive application. After a few weeks, I developed efficient algorithm using Z-buffer. This algorithm is similar to depth shadow mapping, but it uses depth value to calculate light scattering distance. Currently, it is running by software rendering engine, but I think it can be implemented by vertex/pixel shader of DirectX9.

Here's current features:
  • One parallel light
  • Per-pixel lighting
  • Texturing of scattering parameters
  • Soft self-shadow
  • Envrionment mapping
  • Object can deform (Shading is not precomputation)
  • You can download the demo in my website.

    (Sorry, this page has been written only in Japanese) This demo requires powerful CPU, but you don't need any graphic hardware because it is fully implemented by software.

    Drag & Drop some X-file (not include vertex normal ideally) to exe file to load model data. (If you don't have any model data, you can simply execute demo and it automatically generates bumpy torus model.) Click the window to change scattering parameters and light direction.

    Have a fun with it!

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