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This is a screenshot of my edge detection/prototyping program. Basically, on the left is the originally image and on the right is an image built from prototypes.

Prototypes are generated by the program looking at the general "features" of the image - for example the program saw the a solid black was one of the prominent features and assigned the colour red to those pixel groups. Look at the black group (second from right), now notice how the left-hand wing has a band of black down the side?

I just thought you guys might be interested in this. It is a little different to the normal IOTDs. It "may" relate to some graphics programming in that you can actually recreate the image (given the right number of prototypes and prototype resolution) quite impressively by using the prototypes. This technique can be utilized with sounds too.

I'm thinking more along the lines of making a program that looks at a lot of pictures of terrain and the builds prototypes from that data - then you classify some real-world data (let's say a terrain map of England) using the prototypes and get relatively realistic results but only using perhaps 20-30 prototypes. For more details see

- James Matthews
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