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Not too long ago Macromedia Flash 5 came out with a new object oriented, Java-like scripting language. A friend of mine had been doing Flash movies and 3d rendered movies and wanted to add a few games to his site for demo purposes. These are some screenshots from his site. I coded the Pacman game for him over about a week and a half in the evenings. Learning Flash was pretty easy because it is so C/Java like. While "Flashman" is not meant to be an identical copy of one of the most (if not the most) popular games on the planet... it is a pretty good representation... and it's pretty cool to be able to play it online, right in your browser. I modeled the AI after what information I could find on the web about the original, and I think it generally turned out pretty good. The other screenshots are from a version of the pacman game doctored up with new art, and a Donkey Kong-like platform game my friend created (which is pretty hard ;).

If you want to try these games online, you'll need the Flash 5 plugin installed. You can get it here :
(don't ask me why the link says "Flash4" ;)

..and to play the games :

If you have a slower computer, you might want to shrink down the size of your browser window. The games scale automatically.. Sometimes full screen Flash (vector) graphics can slow down.

Andrew Welch

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