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This is my one man band project, it' a Serious Sam tribute the aim is to make an engine similar to the one that moves Serious Sam games series, mainly because i love first person shooters with particular attentions to the ones where the only thing to do is bring the weapon and kill tons of enemies.

Tech feature of the Terracresta engine are:
  • Quadtree for terrain frustum culling
  • Octree for static entity culling
  • Cubemap / Skydome for sky
  • Lens flare
  • Console with proprietary scripting system
  • Collision detection with sliding usigng sphere, AABB, OBB
  • ASE, MS3D, MD2, MD5 Models loading and rendering
  • Multitexturing support for bump mapping
  • OpenGL for rendering and DirectX for handling input
  • Easy customizable level description files (.ini)
  • for more infos and a tech demo (early stage of dev.) please point your browser to:

    or here for my other projects:

    Riccardo "moriarty" Ceccato

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