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These are some shots of a game project Iíve been working on for about 6 months in the bit of spare time Iíve had. The top left image is a shot of the built in animation tool that I designed for the game, a functional tool for doing animations using the built in skeletal animation system. The skeletal system is a straightforward 24 joint quaternion based system. The animation tool allows for output straight to a game readable format to make adding animation quick and easy.

The top right image is of the inventory and stats system in-game. The game is a level based RPG combined with a combat system similar to Jedi Knight 2. Levels and experience will determine stats and stats have an effect on the combat, however actual combat is played as a 3rd person shooter. The combat action that a character is doing is based on the direction that the character is moving, thus a different motion for moving right as opposed to moving forward. The actions are settable in game by the player by pressing a direction of movement and the insert key the player is brought to a screen that allows you to set up a custom movement for that combat action based on a bunch of pre-built actions that can be strung together in anyway you like. This is possible due to a morpher built into the skeletal system.

The bottom right image is a shot of the demo map looking from one of the high points. The terrain engine is LOD optimized using what I refer to as 4 teselation levels. Basically the terrain is generated in strips at different levels of detail being 1, 1/4, 1/8, and 1/16, these strips are rendered based on the position of the main character. The current demo map is a distance of 30,0000 but Iíve tested the terrain engine for distances of as much as 500,000 without a problem.

The bottom left image is a shot in a forest just to show the current tree engine, all trees are procedurally generated form a set of parameters and the tree engine will billboard anything outside of a settable range for optimization.

Other things of interest, the combat system has 24 hit zones, and the armor system has 7 possible pieces that can be worn, each of which will protect respective zones and can only be broken through by a character of sufficient strength. Iíd like to think of myself as a better programmer than an artist so naturally the artwork isnít so good. The full demo is available at , any feedback you have would be appreciated, please mail me at .


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