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A mix of screenshots from my upcoming game system, the TINY engine. Actually the work is on the early stages, but I felt somewhat anxious to hear from this refined community what do you think about it as it is just now (very simple, I know). I will be glad to see some comments.

Maybe it sounds a little biased, but I must say that this sample doesn't show it's real capabilities. The real demo will be ready within 30-45 days from now.

The system will feature seamless indoor/outdoor scenery and advanced game entities, particle systems, etc.

Features already implemented:
  • Direct 3DSMAX scene/model exporting including correct multi/sub materials, lights, cameras, textures (with auto-conversion) and geometry -- with immediate preview;
  • Tunable raytraced lightmaps with phong shading and shininess;
  • Saving/loading of preprocessed scene to/from compressed cabinet file (using Microsoft's free cab library - works but is provisory);
  • Adjustable octree subdivision with fast frustrum culling;
  • Adjustable ellipsoidal collision detection (octree aware);
  • Multiple origin/target cameras;
  • Support for keyboard, mouse and VFX-3D helmets through DirectInput and retouched code fragments from IISVR;
  • Vertex buffered Direct3D rendering;
  • Quake2 animated models (works well but is provisory);
  • Small executable, small scene file, no external dependencies (being designed with web in mind);
  • Average good oop with separated Core/Windows modules.
  • The first preliminar preview is available at []

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