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Testing out my terrain app.

The lower left shot is where i am aiming my main look at. The other 3 shots were accidents after a night out with a few bourbons. Funnily enough the images still appealed to me in the morning so i thought i would share for your opinions. The clouds in these shots are post processed with photoshop using render/clouds. I have not done a sky for the engine yet, but ive got it sussed, check my previous image of the day if you want to see that.

Basically the shots are from the client side of our experiment. We have it running with 32 players + a dedicated server.

Features :
  • Map Editor (certain skills are required to create game content)
  • Dynamic Map Loading
  • Scalable LOD
  • 3D sound effects EAX or Direct Sound (world/network and close environment) + 2D
  • Windows Multimedia sound.
  • Will use advanced GL extensions on cards that support them. (not required)
  • Shadows
  • Reflective surfaces
  • Basic scripting system
  • Low system requirements. App will degrade itself until 30fps or lowest possible
  • runtime state is reached
  • Multiplayer (fully functional designed from the ground up)
  • Custom model format max3 exporter
  • You can place objects spawn points and triggers within the client and save them to a custom .map file. Terrain is generated from height field, with multi or single texturing. Vertex Shading is taken into account. this is only supported on some cards i think. Terrain LOD and Texture LOD. We support several forms of culling being view frustrum culling and object occlusion culling, so our polycount is kept at a reasonable level while framerates are up. Collision is working excellent with terrain->player and terrain>object (movable objects as rockets or arrows whatever suits your needs) + player->player and player->object collisions.

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