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Here is a screenshot of my new cartoon rendering based engine ( k- Engine).

The engine currently features : Cartoon rendering, shader system with mesh deformation, multi - layers effect, texture animations, landscape ( with really low memory usage , and dynamic deformations ), skinning, animation, exports from MAX using FlexPorter, D3D8 TnL support, console, profile, debug, memory management systems, effects system ( particles, halos ), Anti Aliasing ...

The cartoon rendering, as you can see in the wireframe shots, use a fatter and black object precalculated at the load time and drawn with inverse backface culling.

This fat object contains only vertex buffer with the FVF XYZ ( without normals, and so on), so it is only 30 % more memory usage than using only the normal mesh.

The fat object is precalculated using the normal of each vertex, instead of an uniform scale wich does not give correct result for angles. The rendering is done using the ZBias function as mentionned before, to avoid Z Fighting, and can involve Anti Aliasing for nicer borders.

The shading is a two layers shader, with the texture and an environment mapped texture on it,

If you want to participate to the engine, just tell me, I like to work with other programmer !

Thanks !

Benadiba Laurent

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