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Here are the screenshots of my hardware accelerated raytracing engine. Top four pictures are rendered with only phong shading, bottom - with shadow testing and reflections eneabled.

  • DirectX8 support,
  • ".x" files loader,
  • fast phong shading,
  • texturing,
  • shadows, reflections,
  • 3Dnow! optimizations,
  • no spatial subdivision (yet!), each ray is tested with all triangles...
  • Hardware acceleration does not work very fast because of slow AGP reading (20MB/s on my system). People, use vector instructions, f.e. 3Dnow! Ray/triangle intersection function (barycentric test) written in 3Dnow! tests two triangles at once:
  • best case, both triangles are backfacing - only 39 cycles,
  • worst case, both triangles are intersecting - 126 cycles. (including function call & return from Visual C++)
  • btw. My PC is quite old:
  • Duron 700,
  • Matrox G400,
  • I will try to release program & source soon on my homepage:

    If you wish to contact me, write to:

    Marek Galach (aka Nygus)

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