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This screenshot is taken from the TechDemo that can be found on our site: This being FlipCode, then I'd better go into some detail on what it is, and now it came about. I'm probably the worst person to do this atm, having been dragged away from my current baby (DB Engine) to tidy the TechDemo up so that we had something for the punters that visited the site, which only just went live on Fri 5th Oct. But now it's done and up there, I can hopefully put it behind me and get on with more pressing matters. But I suppose there's something there to take some pride in - it's a 'relatively' complete game engine and it's been FINISHED. Completing projects (whatever size) isn't something to be sniffed at, so I guess I'll take some heart in that.

Anyways, the TechDemo. To cut corners, we decided to use Q3A BSPs and MD3s as our level and model formats respectively. This brings plus's as well as minus's, but for a team working entirely in their spare time, we felt it worthwhile to cut our game development teeth using these well established formats - and it sure as hell helps when you've no profiler and you KNOW your code should run at X fps at this section in a level, when you've world-class software to test against.

As I say, a full-time job, a wife and 3 wanes kinda limits the programming opportunities, but when you're addicted, the only 'cure' is getting in front of that keyboard. We've been at this craic now for well over 3 years, and we look at this TechDemo as a learning exercise. We pretty much went thru the entire game development cycle to complete it, well I'd the benefit of someone else writing the level and model compilers, but our content guys had no such help.

Our next project, FATE, has us developing a 4-level freeware game (episode) using entirely our own tech. We're really just getting into this now, and I hope to have maybe another IOTD in the not too distant future. Again, this is a learning exercise - on both tech and content counts. We hope at the end of all this (6/8 months - who am I kidding!), to be finally in a position to approach a publisher for backing to do our 'real' game, tHE SeVeN - the reason why we're putting our lives on the long finger.

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