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Here is something a little different from what you are use to seeing on IOTD. I decided to take a break from 3D programming and make some everyday utilities/applications in DirectX to refresh my brain, and for a little jump start. This is my media player paused on one of the scenes in Halo. 80% of the functionality is in place and working perfect. The only thing missing here is a remote control that will have open/save as file, volume settings, resizing, and the existing buttons that you see. The final version will be in window's mode and skinned. The movie will fit the playing screen in the final version.

I am putting up a site pretty soon that will have the exe and the source code.

Thanks to Flipcode for the tutorials on Directshow, I was running into a memory issue in my code and looked at the tutorials to fix it. For the graphics I used Adobe Photoshope 5.5.

Tim Soliday aka vhalik

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