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The Fly is a demo (non-interactive program that shows realtime graphics and plays some music). Nesnausk! team (I and my fellow Aras Pranckevicius) made it for Microsoft's Imagine Cup 2004 and it took second place in the worldwide finals! The official PR is here. Of course, we're really happy about that (but watch out for Imagine Cup 2005 :))

The demo was made during Mar-Apr 2004, reusing lots of our previously written code.

The demo features graphics effects, with several fallback paths (for pixel shader 2.0, 1.1 and fixed function hardware):
  • tangent space normal mapping, using over-the-edge diffuse lighting;
  • a mix of above and precomputed lightmaps, using ad-hoc method;
  • depth-of-field using two blurred versions of the framebuffer;
  • fur rendering using extruded shells, (L.T,V.T) texture lookup for anisotropic lighting and some faking of self-shadowing;
  • simple projected shadows;
  • multi-layered terrain, with three detailed textures, "texture mix map" and precomputed lightmap;
  • water rendering with several scrolling bump-maps for water waves;
  • translucent and iridescent wings.
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  • Nesnausk! team homepage:
  • Paulius LIEKIS a.k.a. OneHalf

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