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These images were taken from my recent demo that show's off a few pixel shader effects. Here are a few of the features:
  • Full use of vertex/pixel shaders using effect files. (no fixed function rendering)
  • A parallax bump mapped material
  • A procedural wood material with variable wood-ring-axis orientation.
  • A glass material with variable reflection, refraction and index of reflection.
  • Realtime dynamic shadows using shadow maps.
  • Realtime dynamic cubemap for reflections/refactions using render to texture.
  • A screenspace feedback using render to texture.
  • several feedback effects that can be combined using the UI at runtime
  • a warping effect that makes it look like you're under water
  • several sliders for playing with effect parameters at runtime
  • uses C# and DirectX9
  • You can view a 7 minute video explaining it in greater detail and a few more screen shots on my website. The source and binary is also provided there.

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