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This image is a set of screenshots of an early prototype of a game we are developing.

We have licensed the CryEngine ( and are using it for the PC and XBOX version of the game.

We currently are developing a prototype for our game to seek out a publishing deal with major game publishers. We currently do not have a publisher. We have the game design finished and the project planning in place. So far this has been self funded. We are not looking for a lot of money to develop this game, as most of the work has already been finished. Physic (Rag Doll, vehicle, etc.), AI, Rendering, sound and music has already been implemented.

The team consists of some industry veterans who have worked for companies like Electronic Arts, Activision, Epyx, Blue Shift, SSI and others. We are quickly progressing to a prototype that will show the game.

Some information about the company can be obtained at our website:

If any publishers would like to contact us regarding publishing this game they may do so at the above address.

Kenneth Hurley

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