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This is a screenshot from our latest game, Digital Eel's Big Box Of Blox. It's a somewhat standard puzzle game, but also a testbed for some interesting coding techniques.

Big Box Of Blox uses various open source/free libraries (SDL, OpenAL, Vorbisfile) as well as recycled code from our previous OpenGL game Dr. Blob's Organism to reduce the development time and make the game more portable. Although B3 was all developed on Windows, we expect to have it ported to MacOS X within days. Mac version of DBO was just released as well.

Different game variants and custom skins are created using simple .ini files and automatically appear in the game menus when placed in the correct folder. Custom graphics can be rendered in different preset "shader" modes like additive, translucent or alphatested, all determined by the .ini file. Custom skins aren't even limited to the same screen layout used by the default graphics.

You can find more screenshots and information about the game, and download a free demo version at the official website:

Iikka Keranen

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