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I am a 18 year old student from Germany. In the 12th level we have to do a scientific work - the so called Facharbeit. My task was to code an application which simplifies the measurement and displaying of electric potentials in an electrolytical trough.

On the upper left picture you can the see the main application (coded with Delphi/DelphiX) which controls the hardware over the serial interface (upper right pictures). The program grabs a raster-scan of the electrical potential distribution and displays it in a two-dimensional way on the screen. Morevover the application allows the user to restore the errors of measurement and to display the measurement result in different ways (colors, frames, text...).

On the lower right image you can see a three dimensional projection of the measurement results. It is displayed by an external viewer which i coded quick and dirty with Delphi and WdirectX.

Finally, in the upper left corner, you can see a measurement which i edited with Photoshop. It should show the electrical potential distribution in a classical way with the so called potential-lines.

You can get more informatoin about my scientific work on (only in German!)

I would be pleased if i get feedback ;-)

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