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Wow, I can't believe I'm sending an IOTD. Well, this shot was taken from my small 3D Pong game called, rather appropriately, "Pong on Steroids". I know there have been lots of people that have made these, but mine is more interesting. It has several different power-ups that you can catch with your "paddle" such as "The Wall", Laser, Resize,Crazy Ball,Super-speed, and Random Power-up. It uses OpenGL for graphics, OpenAL for sound, and HawkNL (the network library formerly known as OpenNL), so NO MICRO$OFT!!Heheheh. Well, tell me what you think. If you want the latest build for beta-testing and whatnot(as of Sept. 22nd it's build 302) you can tell me on the IOTD comment section, or just email me at Thanks for your help!

Tim Lyakhovetskiy

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