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Hi everybody,

Here's a small set of screenshots of the new shadow system I'm working on, for the Lankhor's upcoming title called WARM UP ! edited by Microïds.

As you can see, the shadow is casted on a quite complex car mesh (note : the rear wing is not included in the process, since it is still in early development). The car itself has more than 8500 polygons. The whole thing is rendered without T&L (but a T&L version is available too, that doesn't support the shadow system yet). Please note that this shadow system is fully compatible with ALL 3D cards existing around, since it doesn't uses stencil buffer at all.

The screenshot in the lower right corner of the pic has been taken on a Radeon card. The shot is not wide enough to show it clearly, but there's also a heat effect, using the bump mapping functionnality of the Radeon (originally developped on a G400 card).

The whole engine could be more optimized, but it currently uses an octree system for the tracks, a fully physic-handled hierarchy for the car, and so on.

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