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We are a German hobby game developer-team and want to send you a screenshot from our game 'kampf dem mobbingclan'. Its released and you can get it from: here.

'kampf dem mobbingclan' is an arcade-game. You have to help the little delphin mobbi, who is hunted by a group of fish. You have to hurt the fish or attack them with bombs, balloons...or make them drunk. ;o) for every action you get points. The game is finished if the group catches mobbi, or if you help him for 120 seconds. When you help him that long, you get 500 extra points, then you can subscribe to the online high score.

You can reach the online high score here. Our team homepage is

I also want to ask if you would link my german game developing page. There you can find a lot of tutorials about coding in c++, vb, turbo pascal, java...(especially directx), 2d-3dgrafik, and sound. There is also a forum and a section where you can offer your games. There are also a texture- and soundarchive, and a section about books. The page is:

bye fronc

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