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This image shows our latest real-time visualization of architecture. The building itself is a Danish credit association located in Copenhagen. It was originally modeled in FormZ by the architects but we exported it to 3D Studio Max where we used finalRender to bake the lightmaps, and QuickUVW to do the actual UV mapping. The camera where also animated from within Max and in the end the scene was exported from Max and loaded in our real-time system.

The topmost pictures show the building from the outside. A Vertexshader has been used to do the reflection in the windows using a spherical environment map. Approximately 200 digital still pictures was taken from the real building to construct the textures.

The next row of pictures shows the building from the inside. Left are the big entrance stairs, and right are the lifts to all the floors.

The next row shows some of the interior. The left picture show the local auditorium where the original presentation was shown on a big screen, and the right picture shows a water fountain.

The bottom pictures are made for easy compare. The left image is a real shot from within the actual building and the right is our rendering. Notice the special "yellow" and "blue" shadows around the pictures - this is the new patented ColorCode 3-D encoding which gives you true stereoscopic depth in full color. We implemented the basic system in hardware by using pixelshader 1.1 on GF3 class hardware and did a full implementation of the system by using either a multipass rendering technique on the GF4ti (ps 1.3) or single pass on Radeon 8500/9700 class hardware (ps 1.4).

The program itself requires DX 8.1 - it uses around 100 MB of texturemem which is compressed at loadtime so the actual run-time load and texture swapping is minimized, the downside however is the pretty long loadtime. The model itself uses approximately 100k tris.

You can try it out yourself by visiting Digital Arts for a movie and/or executable, ColorCode 3-D for some special viewers, an encoded movie and more information on the new fullcolor stereoscopic system. Detailed information on the modeling can be found by visiting Firsteye which is the company of Thomas Suurland.

Hope you enjoy it
Thomas Rued
Digital Arts

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