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Squirrel is a project I've been working on since a while. It's a scripting language designed to be embedded in a game engine. My design tries to solve the major problems that I've encountered with the scripting languages I've used in the past. I'm also trying to keep the thing as small as possible. The current release is 0.2 pre-alpha, but for what the people that are using it told me, there aren't any major bugs.

Squirrel has a wide range of features:
  • Open Source zlib/libpng licence
  • fast register based virtual machine
  • dynamic typing
  • delegation
  • higher order functions
  • generators
  • tail recursion
  • exception handling
  • automatic memory management (CPU bursts free; mixed approach ref counting/GC)
  • both compiler and virtual machine fit together in about 6k lines of C++ code.
  • Squirrel is hosted by sourceforge

    Alberto Demichelis

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