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This image shows NPR (Non-Photorealistic Rendering) applied to a triangulated mesh. The method evaluates the tensor of curvature of the surface to place the strokes, using the Normal Cycle method. Initially, we developed that for an anisotropic remeshing kernel, that we presented this year at Siggraph. Seeing the orientation of the curvature tensor, it seems that the Normal Cycle gives also some interresting possibilities for NPR. The final result could be improved, by using pixel shaders.

More details are on my web page:

  • Thanks to Pierre Alliez ( for the Anisotropic Remeshing project.
  • The "David" model is courtesy of the Digital Michelangelo project (
  • References:
  • Normal Cycle and Restricted Delaunay Triangulations,
    David Cohen-Steiner and Jean-Marie Morvan, SOCG, 2003
  • Anisotropic Remeshing, P. Alliez, D. Cohen Steiner, O. Devillers, B. Levy and M. Desbrun,
    Siggraph 2003

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