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These are some screenshots from a game I have been developing for some time. Its a fun space shooting game, where you have to play over levels getting the highest score you can. It has two game modes: Story mode, a mode with a background story involving space monkeys and bananas; and the Unlimited mode, where you can play infinite levels gaining higher and higher scores. Im implementing some code that will let you send this score to a master server, so I can display the bests on a web page. On the technical side it features:
  • OpenGl. All objects/space ships are Lightwave objects rendered using OpenGL. No fancy stuff going on here, the only 'special' extension Im using is the Multitexture one.
  • Multiplayer: using sockets
  • DirectX for input and sound.
  • I also developed the tools to make the game episodes and the entities (stuff like particle systems, bounding spheres, velocity of the ships, health points, etc. are handled there) You can peek a screenshot of its interface here.

    I hope to have some playable beta in the next days (give me a week!).


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