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Here is a screenshot of my Build-Engine... It loads a good old Duke Nuke'm 3D map and tries to render it via Direct3D8. Still some problems remain, some texture-corrdinates are still calculated wrong because of the strange texturestreachfactor in Duke. Some other probs will appear when I try to render a sector (a room in the build-engine) that has a sector inside itself. That is used in the game extremely often. And currently I don't know how to split the floor and the ceiling into polygons since the engine only delivers me information about the walls. But I had reached my main goal with this small piece of software, I can load and render the old Duke Maps. The screenshot was rendered on my AMD XP 1600+ with as you can see my GeForce 4 TI 4200. I render the walls as two polygons which is not very effective thats the reason why the framerate is not very high for so simple 3D graphics.


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