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This picture shows a scene of a technology-demo I'm writing. It is the first C++ -project ever I'm doing and the game it is supposed to be when finished will be strictly top-down. The (yet to be-) engine uses the Grim 2D-API, which I want to recommend at this point, although I know that most of you people are into 3D.

In this scene you should see about 4096 particles.
The player can move in any direction and turn by 360 degrees.
The camera can be moved seperately and zoom in as well as out.

The artwork is done by myself and are just ideas and will hopefully replaced by those of a more skilled artist later on the process. And this is the main-reason I am posting this.

If you are interested in making 2D art, including animations, for a rather gory action game please let me know. The project still is very young so your ideas are greatly appreciated and will surely shape the game. (There is also question I would like to a programmer with more experience in real-time rendering than me) So if this sounds cool and interesting please let me know!

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