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My (hopefully) final year at the university begins soon and it's time to reflect what I have managed last year so here's my first contribution to the IOTD. I've been following this site and the forums quietly for almost two years now and I've mostly liked what I've seen.

All the images I selected are related and starting from up left there is a space combat simulator I wrote for a logic programming course with the actual simulation and AI logic written in Prolog and the simple result viewer written in Java. This was to test whether it's feasible to do such simulated combats. Later it can be built into the game (with better graphics etc.). Sort of like what's done in VGA Planets but more complicated. It's good to remember that even C++ with its immense arsenal is just one tool in the toolbox.

To the right is a snapshot of some logs of a ground combat simulation I'm working on for the same game. Poor Sumerian spearmen warbands getting beaten by US infantry companies.

Next is the result of a whole year content production course which was about game production last year. Main features of this technology demo are custom built user interface engine (C++, SDL, OpenGL, etc. so it's fully portable) and lots of code generation to interface with databases. This is what the main interface of the game would look like and inside the combat engines do their work.

Last but not least is another part of the user interface, namely viewing the actual planets in the solar systems. I had to test if a full 3D UI (sort of like in the old UFO-games) would be playable so I hacked up a quick prototype. The beast also routes with a templated A* I whipped together for a knowledge engineering course during the spring. Better views available from my page.

Well that's enough of my last year covered, rest you can spot from my pages :) (except for a virtual reality application made for a CAVE-like system). If this brief intro of my works left you bursting with questions, please go ahead and use either the Random Bits or mail me if you like. More screenshots (and downloadables) available from my site.

- Markku Rontu aka Macroz

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