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This picture is from an Engine i'm making.., When it's done it will be used for a game me and some friends are planning to do for quite some time.

The outdoor rendering is handled by a quadtree, indoor is a portal engine. There are two types of possible structures on the landscape, structures that have a connection to an indoor level, and structures that don't have a connection.

This structures are stored at the quadtree nodes. As a result the engine can have connections to any number of indoor levels. I'm currently optimizing the engine to be faster.., collision detection( on the outdoor) is eating lot's of processing power and it's not very precise.. to check it, just stop moving while in the landscape to see the fps increase.

well, that's it, hope you like it It has been tested on Gf1/2/3 and it runs ok read the text file attached as there are several options on the console More screenshots and a download at my webpage


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